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cbse class 11 maths | class 11 maths

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One to One Correspondence and Equivalent Sets

Suppose the members of the family are dinning and plates are
prepared on the table then there is a One to one correspondence between the set of family members and the plates prepared.

We will indicate this correspondence by the symbol If each element of a set A is associated with one and only one element of a set B and each element of B is associated with one and only one element of set A, then the sets A and B are said to be in one to one correspondence.

If both the sets are finite and if they are in one to one correspondence,
it is obvious that they have the same number of elements.
If two sets have the same number of elements, they are said to be
equivalent sets. Using symbol, we write A B. Between two equivalent sets,
a one to one correspondence can be established.
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