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Class 10 maths – Learn Online CBSE Class 10 maths

cbse class 10 maths

Online CBSE class 10 maths

CBSE Class 10 maths – we are providing online and offline solutions for maths related problems.

CBSE CLass 10 maths -Rational Number: Introduction

(Note: To understand the concept clearly, watch our respective 3D animated videos while reading this article as the illustrations are based on that.)

Integers and fractions together make up what are called the rational numbers. So, rational numbers include positive integers, zero, negative integers, positive fractions and negative fractions. A decimal fraction is also a fraction and hence, it is a rational number. Thus, it is possible to express every rational number in the same form.

So, we can say that if p and q are integers, q O, then is a rational number. q Rational Numbers on the Number Line and their Order Relationship Order relation between numbers. We know that of any two numbers of the number line, the one to the left is smaller than the one to the right.

Once we have placed all rational numbers on the number line, we find that the number to the left is smaller than a number to the right” even for rational numbers.

If points A and B on the number line represent rational numbers x and y respectively and if y> x, then B would be to the right of A.

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