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CBSE Class 1 Video Classes


CBSE Class 1 Video Classes-Video lectures for class 1

Takshilalearning provides CBSE class 1 video classes based on CBSE curriculum. Students of class 1  are not able to read properly and for that Takshilalearning designed a specialized course CBSE class 1 video classes for class 1 students. Takshilalearning believe simpler explanation, stories and practical examples are the most interesting, the easiest, .and efficient way of explaining any concept which help students to understand and truly learn, apply the concept in real life. Visuals and animations provide a holistic technology enabled teaching and learning method. This approach see-think and learn is based on – Cognitive Learning Skills and Project based Learning designed all-over thinking and learn framework.

The See-Think-and-Learn system provides for progressive development of creative, critical, scientific, methodological and organizational thinking skills. It also develops problem solving and decision making skills among students.

This program empowers students and teachers to engage in visual, audible and kinesthetic learning and teaching lessons creatively. It has multimedia 2D/3D lessons mapped to the CBSE NCERT curriculum. is a productive way to understand and learn. Our 2D/3D audio-visual content bilingual(hindi and English) provides students with a simple and effective way to comprehend core subjects like Math, Science, social science and English. In  CBSE class 1 video classes, most of the topics start with a short animated story that convey strong moral values to the child, in addition to introduction about the topic. The elobrated animated videos that explains the concepts in a simple to learn and practical way while taking examples from the story and many more practical real-life examples. Our specially designed  interesting stories and detailed videos make learning interesting which would enhance interest in learning and children would find more joy in learning in new things in fun-way.

Learning Outcomes from CBSE class 1 video classes

  1. Remembering/memorising – Ability to recall/retain/recognize and reproduce the concept/topic/method.
  2. Understanding – Ability to apply the current material in different situations.
  3. Meaningful learning –understand the concept rather than rote learning.
  4. Self paced learning courses – to meet the continuous learning requirement.
  5. Confidence Building – enhances and develops an interest in learners and improves participation.

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