What Is Bill Of Exchange Meaning

BILL OF EXCHANGE When we thought of one of the subjects of CMA Foundation Fundamentals of Accounting, then bill of exchange seems an important topic …


FUNDAMENTALS OF ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT   In this article we give introduction to one of the subjects of CMA Foundation, i.e., Fundamentals of Economics and …

Underwriting of Shares and Debentures & Types of Underwriting

UNDERWRITING OF SHARES AND DEBENTURES Underwriting is an act of guarantee by a company for the sale of certain minimum amount of shares and debentures …

Financial Accounting Group – 1 : What is Departmental Accounts? CMA Inter

CMA Inter Financial Accounting Group – 1: Departmental Accounting   In this article, we sprinkle on one of the important topic of Financial Accounting of …

What is a Pension Fund and NPS ? Industrial Laws for CMA Inter

PENSION FUNDS & NATIONAL PENSION SCHEME   In this article, we will know about Pension Funds and National Pension Scheme from the subject Law & …

Know about Pension Fund Regulation and Functions for CMA Inter

Know about Pension Fund Regulation and Functions  PENSION FUNDS: MEANING It is a fund established by an employer to facilitate and organize the investment for …

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