CA Foundation Law Preparation Tips and Study Material

Posted on May 10th, 2021
CA Foundation Law Preparation Tips and Study Material
CA Foundation Law

CA Foundation Law – Study Material, Preparation Tips


ca foundation class

CA Foundation is a foundation level test for those who need to seek a profession after their course completion in Chartered Accountancy. It is a public-level test which incorporates 4 papers directed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) twice every year.CA Foundation is an aspect of the updated conspires presented by the ICAI.


CA Foundation is a foundation level test intended for aspirants who need to seek after the CA Course. Tests for the CA Foundation are conducted twice a year in May and November. CA Foundation is in place of the current section-level test CPC (Common Proficiency Course). An aspirant can appear for the CA Foundation course after the twelfth class exams. The total period of the CA Course is for 4.5 years.


The study of Law in CA foundation helps in regulation of business and profession with the society. The paper of law intends to make students aware of legal background related to business laws.


Importance of study material

Study material is readable material. Study notes keep a record of all the knowledge students have gained. It acts as a ready referral to go through during preparation time. A study material saves student’s energy and time during the exam. It is an efficient way to recall things in a much lesser time. Students can easily cram up things. Such material help students to study more while reducing the chances of forgetting. Notes help to summarize and retain only the most crucial information. Teachers suggest a lot of books for scoring well during the exams. But it is not possible to revise all the books at the last moment of the examination. Here, effective study material helps a student. Students can just go through the material at the last moment to recall and memorize everything.



This study material has been prepared by the faculty of the Board of studies.

A set of sheets is being sent to the students along with the study materials to enable them to obtain knowledge in the subject and score well. The format of study material is also available on the Institute’s website

The study material has been written in a very simple language and conscious efforts have been made to explain each and every topic properly.

The study material has been prepared to provide students with the learning material as per the syllabus of the subject of the CA foundation Law. For any more information, students may write to the Directorate of Studies in the Institute for clarification at


Things covered under the study material

a) Learning objectives and chapter overview at beginning of each chapter for better understanding.

b) Appropriate explanation of the text through a number of examples.

c) Important topics under each chapter

d) Questions along with their answers

e) Summary at the end of each chapter


CA Foundation Law Preparation Tips

Create a routine for yourself

Preparing a timetable is the first step before beginning your studies. Such students who claim to have a plan waste their time and make a blunder. Make a proper plan instead of wasting time every day pondering what to research or where to begin.


Schedule your time

Pick up your study materials and schedule time for each subject and chapter based on the number of days left before your test. This will not only help you coordinate your research, but it will also assist you in analyzing your results.

Attempt Previous Year Question Papers

Addressing earlier year CA Foundation law question papers can assist students by and large to get to know the example of paper and general trouble level of the test.


Know What to Study and What Not to

The root idea of keen work for cracking CA law paper lies in realizing what to study and what should be left. Therefore, what is important in CA law isn’t just the amount (volume) of materials one had experienced however the nature of learning and modification is to be embraced logically.

Seek clarification

Teachers have a major impact on a student’s progress or failure. Many students pass this exam without any support and with just passing grades. But, students, clarification on the concepts is critical from the beginning because Chartered Accountancy is a long journey that will lead to you being referred to as an expert, and proper CA Foundation/ CA CPT coaching will greatly assist you in this.


Attempt Mock Tests

Practice makes a man great. Endeavoring Mock Tests is essential for the Core Strategy for performing admirably in CA law.

Time Management for CA foundation

You don’t need to win the fight in one day and unwind for different days. Little objectives ought to be set every day and accomplished each day. Set little focuses for consistently yet ensure you accomplish them before the day gets over. Focus on each part in turn instead of contemplating numerous sections arbitrarily with no profundity.

Focus on your schedule

This will focus on your work and keep your psyche zeroed in on the main undertaking. Make certain to set cutoff times for every theme. Something else, your examination may meander and your investigation may not be profitable.

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