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Takshila Learning AIM – Best Online Education (E- Learning) Portal

Aim of takshilalearning , Best Online Education (E- Learning) Portal

Takshila Learning AIM – Best Online Education (E- Learning) Portal

Takshila Learning is a leading organization in the field of Online Learning. It is aimed at providing personalized quality education to everyone. Our courses range from basic school studies to advance professional skills. All this is achieved through self-learning courses or through live classes taught by teachers from around the world using the e-Learning portal of the company.

Over years this will become a portal where any student from anywhere can get required courses and training of any kind at easy and affordable price. We also aim to become the teacher of the world from India by providing opportunities and an online platform to young faculties to teach the students globally. Teachers can record their lectures either at Takshila Learning’s studio or from their homes. Our team would promote those lectures, thus creating a royalty income for faculties for lifetime. In the LIVE option teachers stay in touch with their students regularly like a home tutor, using video conferencing online software on Takshila’s website.

Takshila Learning was established by a team of passionate individuals having specialized expertise in academics, digital world and International sales & marketing. Though mainly focused on the Indian market presently, gradually students globally have started taking classes from Takshila Learning to their satisfaction. As of now, there are more than 1,20,000 Videos available on the website.

We are providing various courses for school students (Nursery to Class 12th) all subjects, Chartered Accountant (CA), Company Secretary (CS), Cost and Management Accountant (CMA), Digital Marketing courses like Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Preparation for Google Certification, preparation of Govt. examinations – Bank Exams Preparation and International Course – IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). Our content is prepared by best of the teachers using latest technologies and tools like Power Point presentations, 3D/2D Animations etc. Details are available on our website and course content is available in both languages English and Hindi.

Safe and secure, anytime learning, reaching every individual : To increase the reach of good faculties and to serve students who are in areas which are lacking good internet connectivity and teachers, Takshila Learning has created an innovative way to provide encrypted classes through pendrives, smartphones, tablets or through downloadable links where students can download the encrypted files and watch these videos multiple times without internet. This is best for professionals who are working and can’t attend face to face classes because of their busy schedule.

Takshila Learning promoting Entrepreneurship : Every individual has a desire to do things on their own and to be his own boss. We are giving an opportunity to teachers to teach and earn from where ever they are without travelling. Our satisfied students or enterprising individuals wanting to build their business in education can promote our products and services to earn handsome income through our affiliate program. Thus we are creating an earning potential and entrepreneurship opportunities for everyone – Takshila Learning, faculties and students.


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Takshila Learning AIM - Best Online Education (E- Learning) Portal Takshila Learning AIM - Best Online Education (E- Learning) Portal Takshila Learning AIM - Best Online Education (E- Learning) Portal Takshila Learning AIM - Best Online Education (E- Learning) PortalTakshila Learning AIM - Best Online Education (E- Learning) Portal

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August 20, 2018

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