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What does the word “career” mean?

For many people, a career is part of a career related career. From a career point of view, it means the sum of the various jobs you held in your lifetime. However, these definitions do not fully cover the meaning of career. We want you to think about your career in a broader, more lifelong manner. The decisions you make about a job or college major are valuable components of a lifetime process. Viewed in this way, a career can be defined as the sum total of decisions that guide your educational, social, economic, political and spiritual endeavors and may reflect your unique personality traits and core life values.

“Art” is a generic term for everyone in the world. We have learned about arts since childhood. And students generally confused as what to do after 12th arts. There are lots of Career options after 12th arts/humanities. Choose wisely the Best Career Option after 12th Arts for you from the Best Courses after 12th Arts discussed below:


What to do after 12th Arts?

Students who want to do something in this field or adopt this field as a career. He has many questions about this area.
Are you troubled by questions like the best diploma and degree courses available after 12th with or without mathematics? Should I enroll in a computer course or live in an art stream? It is one of the most frequently asked questions of art students.

It is a vast field of education, learning and working, which means a good career. The scope in arts after 12th is very bright.
Don’t worry. We are here to guide you for all the above questions. Take a look and choose from Best courses after 12th Arts. There are lots and lots of career options after 12th Humanities/Arts, from where you can choose the Best course after 12th arts for yourself that suits your interest and requirements.

Here is the list of Career Options after 12th Humanities or we can also say list of some of the Best Courses after 12th arts. Have a look, think, scrutinize and choose wisely the Best Course after 12th Arts.


As an educational field, arts are as follows:

1 .Visual Arts / Decorative Arts

 This class of art includes:

  • Painting
  • picture
  • Sculpture,
  • Photography
  • conceptual art
  • Architecture
  • Weaving
  • The cloth

2. Literature Art

This category includes:

  • poem
  • The novel
  • short stories
  • Epic
  • Writing


3. Introduction to the arts

This class of art includes:

  • Music
  • Theater
  • Dance
  • Sang
  • Acting
  • Comedy
  • Directed by
  • Dance
  • The editing
  • Martial arts

4. Gaming

  • The design
  • Animation
  • Computer programmer


5. Gastronomy / Culinary arts

  • Chef
  • Catering

All of the above are some of the best courses after 12th arts. Apart from this there are many educational courses.


1. Bachelor of Arts

B.A. refers to the Bachelor of Arts. It is one of the traditional vocational courses that many arts stream students still follow. This course is of 3 years duration. BA, students will have to go through a very rigorous course.
The advantage of choosing this course is that it is easy to do a graduate program! You applicants want to graduate for many government jobs. So, if you are a targeted government job, you can follow this course. The syllabus is easy to learn and anyone can concentrate their efforts for preparing for the government job entrance exam!

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, there is another attractive benefit provided by this course – easy access to seats and colleges! Yes, there are many private and government colleges all over India. Of course. So, unless someone wants to leave their hometown and do a professional course there, this course can be helpful!

BA and Class XII (or any other stream) students who have successfully completed the class XII examination from a recognized school can follow this course by talking about the eligibility criteria!
B.A. After that, someone got MA Doing this will increase one’s skill set and market value! BA, graduates can land in government sector jobs, banks, armed forces, police forces, administrative offices and schools. They can also take on private sector jobs such as accountants, managers and administrators.

Main subject B.A. program

  • English language
  • History of cultures
  • Introduction to mechanics
  • Introduction to graphics
  • Design introduction
  • Visual arts studies
  • Material study
  • Visual perception
  • Workshops

In addition to the general issues described above, B.A. after the first year, students must choose a combination of courses to follow. Psychology, Archeology, Economics, Mathematics, Language (Hindi, English, French etc.), Sanskrit, Sociology, Indian Culture, Politics, Geography and History.
Fees: If you want to do a BA course from a government college, then the cost can be very low. Yes, government BA colleges charge very low tuition fees. Some state government institutions charge 5-10K per year. These figures may vary from state to state.

On the other hand, private BA colleges are known to charge relatively high tuition fees. On an average, this can amount to 15-40K INR per year.


2. B.F.A.

B.F.A. stands for Bachelor of Fine Arts. B.A. this professional course is a 3 year long course.The study of visual forms of art.For example, some areas of specialization (and therefore subjects) in this course – painting, sculpture, music, dance, photography, etc. In my opinion, this course is perfect for students on the creative side of things!
I think most non-creative and incompetent in the areas mentioned above should not think about following this course. Because, after graduation, you have to work hard to get a job.

In terms of eligibility criteria, the student who 12th Arts B.F.A. many private and government institutions receive B.F.A. Courses across India.

Fee: If you want to pursue this course from a private art college, then it will cost you 10-40K per year. It depends on the type of college, its rating, the candidate’s scholarship status and the candidate’s race / ethnicity.
Government arts colleges charge relatively little tuition. Some state government institutions provide 2-5k per year for this course.


3. Journalism and Mass Communication

It is a job-based and on-demand telephone course. The media sector is undergoing a lot of development! Not only traditional media such as print and TV, but also online media are appealing.
All this led to an increase in job opportunities in the media sector! Therefore, it is safe to say that mass communication professionals are in demand these days!

In the case of mass communication, a variety of courses are available: degree, diploma and certificate courses. The degree course lasts for 3 years. The duration of diploma and certificate course is 1-2 years.
Students with the skills of journalism and social activism will succeed in this field. In addition, acquiring good communication skills can be an added benefit!

Students of twelve arts streams who have successfully completed the board examination can apply for this course. Many private and government institutions offer this course to students. Please ensure that those private institutions are recognized by the government!

After this course, media houses are the main recruiters when it comes to career opportunities. These days, thanks to the influx of non-traditional online media brands, a new set of jobs have opened up for mass communication students!

Topics in Journalism and Mass Communication courses

  • Media ethics
  • Mass communication
  • The editing
  • Report
  • Languages ​​and Translation
  • Communication skills
  • Electronic media
  • Medium of printing

Fee: Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication is the most popular journalism course in India. If you want to do this course from a private college, then it costs 30-80K INR per year. Private colleges charge relatively high fees. On the other hand, government institutions charge lower tuition fees.

They usually charge 5-15K INR per year. While in college, students may face other costs – such as landing fees, canteen fees, security deposits, library fees, examination fees. If you want to do a diploma course in journalism, it will take you back about 20-50K INR per year.


4. Hotel Management

As with the previous entry, it is also a job-based course! It is a VIDEO course that trains students to take manager roles in the hotel and hospitality industry!
The duration of the course is 3 years. Diploma courses are also available, duration is 1-2 years.
The hotel business is also doing well as India’s tourism sector is going through a good phase. The government also supports the tourism industry, so it seems that the hotel business will continue this upward journey!
Large and medium-sized hotels are valued by skilled hotel management professionals. The main recruiters are five-star and other high-class hotels.
Students of Arts stream who have given 12th standard examination can continue this course after 12th!

Topics in hotel management courses

  • Communication skills
  • Foreign language
  • Food production
  • Travel management
  • Front office activities
  • Domestic work
  • Management
  • Accounting
  • Nutrition and Food Sciences
  • Public relations
  • Marketing

Some of the issues mentioned above are repeated. Students will face them over several semesters!
Fee: BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management) is the most popular hotel management course in India. If you want to continue this course from a private college, it will return you 50-100K INR per year. If you want to take this course from a government college, it will cost you very little.

The Diploma in Hotel Management course costs 25-50K INR per year (private college). In short, tuition fees may vary from one institution to another.


5. B.B.A.

BBA Refers to Bachelor of Business Administration. This is a 3-year course. If you want to get into the management world, this course will be helpful!
After a BBA, one can get an MBA. (Master of Business Administration). BBA Corporate and business firms typically employ graduates to manage manager positions and finance-related positions.
B.B.A. Commerce stream is for students. it is not true! Even 12th art students who have completed board exams can follow this course!

Key Issues Program

  • Fnancial management
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting
  • The figures
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Business Communications

B.B.A. Program, some topics are repeated. More students will have to deal with them in a semester!
Fees: The best private BBA colleges usually charge 70-150 KNR per year.

Tuition fees – Depends on factors such as type of college, college rating and scholarship status of the candidate. Government colleges charge significantly lower tuition fees.


6. Event Management

Event management is an area where you can make it great if you have the necessary skills and connections!

Important topics in event management course-

  • Study of major events
  • Making the plan,
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Public relations
  • Business rules

Fee: The BBA gives you $ 70–150k per year in an event management course, 50–100k per year for Bachelor of Event Management course. If you go for the Diploma in Event Management course, it will return you INR 25-70K per year. In short, fees may vary from one firm to another. It depends on the format of the course.


7. Fashion design

Like a BFA, a person needs to be creative to succeed in fashion designing! If you are creative and fond of fashion, then this course is for you!
The bachelor’s degree program in Fashion Design will last 4 years. In this program, students are given theoretical knowledge and practical training!
Students of the twelfth art stream who successfully complete the 12th board examination are eligible to apply for this course.

Fee: If you want to do Bachelor of Fashion Design course, it costs 50-100 KNR per year (private college). B. Walking. The fashion design course will cost you 30-70k per year. Diploma programs typically have fewer undergraduate degree courses. A Diploma in Fashion Design course will take you up to 25-50k per year.


8. Retail and fashion merchandise

This degree course is related to the fashion industry. But unlike fashion designing, this course focuses on trading, marketing and selling products related to the fashion designing industry!
The duration of the program is 4 years. The 12th Arts stream is eligible to apply for this course after the 12th grade examination!


9. Integrated Law Courses

For Arts Stream students, a B.A. L.L.B. This would be the best integrated law course they could follow! B.A., L.L.B. The duration of the combined course is 5 years.

Main subjects of law course-

  • Constitutional law
  • Property Law
  • Banking rules
  • Environmental law
  • Company rules
  • Consumer protection law
  • Family law
  • Labor and industrial law
  • Human rights law
  • Administrative law
  • General international law

Repeated topics are in the table above. More than one student will face them in only one semester.

Fees: Tuition fees depend on factors such as course format, type of college, scholarship status of the candidate and college rating. The best L.L.B. Colleges pay 50-150K per year for this course. Government law colleges offer this course at relatively low cost. Some state government law colleges charge INR 5-10K per year for this course.


10. Graphic design

Graphic design is a huge field. There are areas of specialization within this area. Based on these specializations, many professional courses are available!
These are some good courses – animation and graphic designing. Bachelor degree course lasts 3-4 years. Diploma courses are also available, the duration of which varies between 1-2 years.
This area is more suitable for creative people interested in sketching and visual arts. You can look at web and graphic design courses.

Fee: If you want to continue the diploma course in Graphic Design, it will set you back around 20-50K INR per year. The duration of the course may vary from one institution to another. It depends on the difficulty level of the training program.


11. Teacher training courses

Arts Stream students have a handful of teacher training courses. Qualified teachers help children learn and grow! Teaching is a highly respected profession in India.
After 12th, students of Arts stream can go on teacher training courses like Integrated B.Ed. Course, B.P.D. (Degree in Physical Education) and B.L.D. (Degree in elementary education) or D.L.Ed. (Diploma in Elementary Education) There are also nursery level teacher training courses in India.


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