Best Article Rewriter Tool for Content Marketing

Article Rewriter Tool
Article Rewriter Tool

What is Article Rewriter Tool? Advantages and Disadvantages

Content marketing is an important part of digital marketing. Articles Blog are important parts of content marketing. The Digital Marketing industry demands unique and fresh content. Everyone in the Digital Marketing Industry is not a content writer. For small business owners, hiring a professional content writer is not possible. They just copy and paste content without knowing SEO issues and the legal challenges behind it. Due to the copy-pasted content (plagiarism content) their website may get penalized by search engines and sometimes they get involved in legal issues under copyright acts.

It is not easy to write a blog or article on a topic if you are not a professional content writer. Even for a professional writer writing content on a technical issue is very difficult and it requires detailed research and reading. All these activities need lots of time and money.


If you are not a professional content writer and need content and can’t invest time and money then you need not worry as there are lots of online tools available that can assist you to get quality content using the old article.


Article Rewriter Tool (Article spinning tool) is a tool that rewrites the article and changes it into a new article. These tools do it by replacing specific words, phrases, sentences, or sometimes entire paragraphs with random alternate versions. They do all these while keeping the key message intact. They can rewrite any content by using paraphrasing tools to avoid plagiarism.

There are Free and paid Article Rewriter tools which are also called article Rewording tool/rephrasing tool/paraphrasing tool/Text Spinner or article spinning tool.

Some of the famous online free Article Rewriter tools are-

Small SEO Article Rewriter Tool:

It is one of the best free, automatic article rewriter online tool. You just need to Copy-Paste the Article in the provided text box and click the ‘Re-write Article’ button. The tool will provide you plagiarism free content

Seowagon Article Rewriter Tool:

SEO WAGON Article rewriter is a free article rewriter tool with rewrite suggestions. You can choose the appropriate synonyms, or you can write your word. SEO WAGON Article rewriter provides you quickest way of generating an article.

Quillbot Article Rewriter Tool:

QuillBot’s is a famous Article Rewriter tool. It has helped millions of people to rewrite and enhance articles, paragraphs, and sentences, using Artificial Intelligence.

Seomagnifier Online Article Rewriter:

SEOMagnifier is an Article Rewriter tool that provides quality content within a few seconds and saves your money and time. This content helps you to improve your business.


Rewritertools rewrites articles for you and helps you to use quality content for content marketing


Browse the full video – What is Article Rewriter Tools –


Some other article rewriter tools are

Prepostseo Paraphrasing Tool

Seotoolstation Article Rewriter

Searchenginereports Article Rewriter


Seotoolsaz article Rewriter

 free Article Rewriter tools
Top online free Article Rewriter tools

These articles Rewriter Tool are the most helpful gadgets for modern writers these tools automatically convert the pasted content to plagiarism free content. These tools use a set of instructions and algorithms to rewrite the content while keeping the actual message of the pasted content.

Article rewriter tool has many advantages for which we use them but using them without knowing their disadvantages can put you in trouble


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Advantages of Article rewriter Tools are

  • Saves time: Article rewriter tool rewrites articles and makes them fresh and unique within a few seconds. This helps in saving the most precious thing that is time.
  • Increases productivity: Since getting an article and blog is just a few clicks away. It increases your productivity and helps you to create lots of content in a short time.
  • Saves Money: For creating content using the article rewriter tool, you need not pay any charges. it saves your money.
  • Generates more Traffic: With the help of these tools, you can get high quality and engaging content which helps to improve SEO and thus generate more traffic.
  • Helps in creating backlinks: This content can be used for article submission and other activities related to backlinks creation. This helps you to get quality backlinks.
  • More Profit: Improved SEO, improve traffic. More traffic means more prominence which means more business.


Disadvantages of Article Rewriter Tools are

  • Accuracy: since these tools are generated using algorithms they cannot be as accurate as a content written by a professional content writer. So they need to be checked for accuracy and quality.
  • SEO Penalties: If search engines are able to find that the content is made from article rewriting. They can put penalties on those sites.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Article Rewriter Tool
Advantages and Disadvantages of Article Rewriter Tool

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