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Benefits of Early Rising

If you want to be happy and successful, change your habit – wake up early in the morning. If we look our surrounding most of the successful people wake early like Our Prime minister Mr. Modi, Mr. Donald Trump, Starbucks CEO Mr.Howard Schultz and many more. We live with nature and we don’t follow the rules of nature. We go against the nature. Nature loves us to work during the day and to rest in the night. But we don’t obey.
Early rising gives you health. Early rising makes you fresh, cheerful, and energetic. In early morning nature is at its best. It is an ideal time to spend with Nature. And Nature is the best doctor, motivator and gives us Positive energy. The coolness of morning fill your heart with joy. Some exercise in the fresh morning air, and‚ this exercise supplies him with a fund of energy that will last until the evening. Early riser can work with greater efficiency than the late risers. He early begins his work early in the morning. He can finish his work in due time. A later riser is always in a hurry. But he can do a little or no work. Early riser, never lags behind in the race of life.
So we should practice early rising from the early period of our life. And this is a must. It is only a matter of being habituated. In starting may be, it is difficult for a person. But the result of this habit is that much joyful. Peoples are blessed who have formed the habit of early rising.
So you must rise early if you wish to rise in life. And this habit makes you healthy, wealthy and wise.

December 8, 2016

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