Always do not put force on Numbers, encourage and love to move forward ..

Numbers Do Not Matter Much

Numbers Do Not Matter Much

In this modern world, life is consumed by only one thing Numbers. It is either number in your report card, numbers in your bank account, numbers of years of work experience and many more. When you start focusing on only the numbers, you overlook things that might have actually helped you in learning something important along the way. Sometimes you do not get the numbers you’ve wanted all along but that doesn’t take away hours and days of commitment you have put into your work. Numbers can be reversed but your hard work can’t.

Getting low numbers does not mean you are unfit for work. You still have around 30-40 years in your life to turn those numbers around. Sonali Bendre, a cancer survivor was told that she had 30% chance of being alive but she didn’t give up all her hopes. She turned that 30% to 100% and guess what, she survived. A number so low did not demotivate her but only made her will strong and survive the storm.

When it comes to young children, the numbers they are worried about are their school marks. A constant pressure to perform well stays on them. A slight failure leads to them feeling disappointed, frustrated or outright confused.  It’s true that your marks measure what you have learnt in that subject but that’s not a measure of your ability. If not studies, you might excel somewhere else. You just have to find your passion. Charles Dickens failed in school but found his solace in writing. Richard Branson left school at the age of 16 but later found his interest and is now the founder of the Virgin group. Well if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its entire life thinking it is stupid.

Having said that, children should stop worrying about their marks, but pay attention on their preparation. To help with that, keep in mind to:

1.) Focus: Focus on your studies, give time and learn as much as you can. One of the important things is to revise. Try to complete your course on time and then revise.

2.) Plan: Until and unless you will plan, you will waste a lot of time on unnecessary things. Make an everyday plan and follow it without any miss. It will be of great benefit to you.

3.) Give your best: Go to the examination hall as if it is the last exam of your life and give it the best you can. Kick your nervousness aside and go in with full confidence. 

Marks are just numbers and they do not reflect what you actually are. You have an entire lifetime ahead of you to find your passion, excel at that and prove your worth. So, stop worrying about the numbers and start working hard. You’ll see everything falling in place.

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