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Main Reasons for Adaptation to Climate – 7 Class Science


Adaptation To Climate 7 Class Science

Adaptation To Climate CBSE 7 Class Science

Adaptation to Climate – Climate has a profound effect on living beings. Animals from respective habitats possess different features to survive in different climatic conditions. Adaptation refers to the special feature that animals possess to survive.

There are three regions classified according to adaptation

  • Polar region
  • Tropical rainforest
  • Desert


Polar regions have extreme climate as it is covered with snow for maximum part of the years. At the pole, half year sunsets and half year sun rises. Animals living there are adapted to the extremely cold climate. Animals living in polar regions are the polar bear, penguin, reindeer, foxes, seals, whales and migrating birds.

Adaptive features of Polar Bear

  • As they live in snow, the white fur is not easily visible. So, its predators are unable to see it.
  • It has two thick layers of white fur is under the skin which keep them warm during winters.
  • The fat body works as the insulator and keeps it warm.
  • It has a strong sense of smell to catch its prey.
  • It is able to walk on ice due long, curved and sharp claws.

Adaptive feature of Penguin

  • It also has white fur.
  • It has a streamlined body.
  • It has thick skin and has fat under the skin.
  • It has webbed feet for swimming.


The tropical rain forest has a hot climate most of the time as it is located around the equator. The temperature is higher than 15 degree Celsius even in the colder region and in hot season temperature goes to more than 40 degree Celsius. The region has plenty of rainfall and has a hot and wet climate. Such regions are Central America, Central Africa, Western Ghats, Southeast Asia and Assam in India.

It supports a wide variety of plants and animals. Animal living in this region are Monkey, Ape, Gorilla, Tiger, elephant, leopard, lizard, snakes, birds and insects.

Adaptation of animals living in Tropical rainforest regions

  • Majority of animals are adapted to live on trees, for example, the red eye frog has sticky feet to climb on the tree.
  • Monkeys have a long tail to grasp trees.
  • Toucan bird has a long beak to reach fruits on branches.
  • To blend with the surrounding many animals’ living there have sharp eyesight, thick skin, and sensitive hearing. This way they protect themselves from predators. Such animals are lion, leopard, tiger etc.
  • The bear ape has a silver-white It lives on the tree and is a good climber. They feed on fruits, seeds, and insects.
  • The elephant has a good sense of smell and they use the trunk to eat food which can tear the bark of a tree. It had handled enormous weight due to their feet covered with thick fats.


 Desert has an extreme climate with no rainfall and a large amount of sunlight. Desert animal face problem of survival due to lack of water.

Adaptation of animals living in the desert

  • Scorpion hunts for hours during the night and sleeps during the day.
  • Jackrabbit has oversized ears that prevent overheating.
  • When predators are near, kangaroo rat burrows a cool safe place to hide.


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