CBSE Solutions for Class 7 Maths Comparing Quantities

7th Class Maths - Chapter 8 - Comparing Quantities (NCERT CBSE Solutions Class 7 Maths)

CBSE Solutions for Class 7 Maths Comparing Quantities – Chapter 8

7 Class Maths : In our daily routine, several times we compare two quantities like height, weight, quantity. Example – Height of student B = twice of the height of student A.

When we need to compare the two quantities their units must be the same.

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Equivalent Ratio

The different ratio can be compared with each other to know whether they are equivalent or they are not equivalent. To check whether they are equivalent, first,  we write the ratio in the fraction form and then convert them in like fractions.

Example: 1:2 is equal to 2:3?

Solution: 1/2*3/3            =3/6




The ratio 1:2 is not equivalent to the ratio 2:3

Keeping things in proportion and getting solutions.

We have studied unitary method in earlier classes. In this method, we find the value of one unit and then we find the value for the required numbers.

Example:  6 chocolates cost Rs 180. Find the cost of 2 chocolates?

Solution: 6 Chocolates=180

1 chocolate=180/6

1 chocolate=Rs 30

2 Chocolates=30*2=60

Hence, we can say that 2 chocolates cost Rs 60 only.

For examples and practice questions click on Maths NCERT Solutions Class 7.

Percentage-Used for comparing quantities

The percentage is derived from a Latin word ‘per centum’ which means ’per hundred’. It is represented by the symbol % and means hundredths too.


To understand this concept better let us taken an example.

Example:  Total there are 20 beads, the number of red beads is 8. Hence, out of 100, the number of red beads is 8/20*100=40(out of hundred) =40%

Alternative method



Converting Decimal to percentage

Let’s convert 0.75 to percentage



Converting percentage to decimal

Let’s convert 10% to decimal



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CBSE Solutions for Class 7 Maths Comparing Quantities CBSE Solutions for Class 7 Maths Comparing Quantities CBSE Solutions for Class 7 Maths Comparing Quantities CBSE Solutions for Class 7 Maths Comparing QuantitiesCBSE Solutions for Class 7 Maths Comparing Quantities

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