10 Important Do’s to Follow in Examination Hall

10 Important Do's to Follow in Examination Hall , tips to follow in examination hall

10 Important Do’s to Follow in Examination Hall

Here we discussed 10 Important Do’s to Follow in Examination Hall, and what should do not. Tips to follow in the examination hall.

An examination hall is a place where students are tested for the knowledge gained throughout the year. Exams are always a scary affair for the students. When they arrive at the examination hall, their heart rate raises, their throat swells, and their entire body starts shaking, and so on. Understand the fact that the exam is only to evaluate your preparedness so that there is no need to stress or panic.

10 Important Do’s to Follow in Examination Hall

Carry all the essentials

You should carry all the necessary items like a pen, pencil, eraser, scale, geometric box, etc. Make sure that you carry your ID card, hall ticket, and other mandatory documents or items with you. Keep them in one place the night before your exam. Because, searching for them at the last minute will put more pressure on your brain and will cause panic during the exam, which can be disastrous. Once you enter the exam hall, put everything you need on your desk, so that you don’t have to run at the last minute.

Follow the instructions carefully

Read the exam guidelines given to you by the admit card. This is the most important thing a student should follow after going to the examination hall. Violation of any instructions may lead to the termination of your candidature.

Read the question paper carefully

Before starting the test, take your time from beginning to end to read the question paper carefully. By doing this, you can organize your thoughts and manage your time to answer each question. But don’t spend too much time on it and limit your time accordingly. If you have three sections and a three-hour exam, you should divide your time into 55 minutes for each section and 15 minutes to look at the entire paper.

Answer sheet signed by the signatory

Always remember that your answer book in the exam hall is signed by the signer. If you pick up additional sheets, make sure that they are also signed by the signer. If your current inspector refuses to sign your answer sheet, it is your responsibility to sign it within 30 minutes of the start of your exam. The signature of a supervisor is required to validate your answer sheet.

Plan an answer writing

Try to calm your mind and try your questions first, as it will boost your confidence and save your time. Do not be hasty in writing the answer; plan the answer according to the first few moments.

Control your time

It is good to manage your time without panic. Schedule your time so that you have some time to go back through the entire answer book to avoid potential mistakes. If you don’t know the answer to a particular question, don’t waste time thinking about it, instead, proceed to other questions. If you finish first, you can check these unanswered questions.

Ignore other candidates

Avoid paying attention to other examinees, as their anxiety may be contagious. You do not need to write about others or worry about your own answer sheets. Keep calm and enjoy your writing. If you notice other students writing too fast and finish your test ahead of time, don’t panic, you take time and don’t worry about speed.

Listen to any verbal instructions

Be sure to pay full attention to the verbal instructions, as most exam papers have some errors that the instructor may correct verbally. Therefore, you should be aware of any verbal instructions from the instructor or any message written on the board.

Take rest, It’s just a test

Try to relax without compromising your speed, and avoid stress in your mind. Relax; you don’t have to worry to enter the exam hall. Just think in your mind that you will shake the exam. Don’t worry too much about forgotten points. When you start writing, you always have the opportunity to remember things. Keep yourself hydrated before entering the hall. If allowed, you can also take a water bottle inside the hall.

Cross check

Last but not least, you should check all the answers before presenting your answer book to the investigator. You should keep your answers 15 minutes before the last hour to check. A comprehensive review of all answers is needed, as this will help identify errors and make necessary corrections. You may accidentally leave one or two questions. Your carelessness can lead to high scores and grades being lost. Try that too and submit the paper.

To rehearse all these important things, you have to complete the previous year’s question papers and model exam papers (as much as possible) before your exam day.


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i. If you feel like this, you have tried a part of the paper badly because it will spoil your performance in the remaining questions. Do not lose confidence in the middle of the exam.

ii. Do not get distracted by what others are doing in the examination hall.

iii. Do not keep books, notes, calculators, or mobile phones inside the examination hall as this may lead to disqualification.

iv. Some candidates have a habit of twisting, turning, or folding their answer sheets. Avoid this habit because your answer book machine cannot be evaluated.

v. Do not engage in improper training in the exam as it may disqualify you from the selection process at any stage.

vi. Do not leave your seat even if the paper ends well before time.

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