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Takshila Learning- Online Classes | Online Courses and coaching
Takshila Learning (Official) - Online Classes | Online Courses and coaching
Takshila Learning (Official) - Online Classes | Online Courses and coaching
Takshila Learning (Official) - Online Classes | Online Courses and coaching
Live Tuition Classes for School

We provide Live online tuition classes for all subjects to students of class Nursery to Class 5th. Live tuition class is the best tool to secure high grades in any of the school examinations. Our Live classes are equipped with ways to monitor the children’s performance. We help them to prepare well in their subjects with regular Worksheets, Online Tests, and NCERT solutions(Class 1 to 5th).

Our Live online tuition class based on CBSE/ICSE board standards for Class 6th to Class 8th is equipped with ways to monitor the children’s performance. We help students to fare well in their subjects with Worksheets, Online Tests, and NCERT solutions. Live tuition classes can be taken online and can be accessed on a Laptop/Desktop/tablet or any smartphone with a normal internet connection.

We provide Live tuition Classes for classes 9 and 10th mapped to CBSE/ICSE Board’s latest curriculum. Students can learn all subjects like Maths, Science, English, Hindi, Social Studies, Computers, etc. Live tuition class is the best tool to secure high grades in any of the school/Board examinations. These courses can be taken online and can be accessed on a Laptop/Desktop/tablet or any smartphone with a normal internet connection

We provide the best live tuition classes for CBSE/ICSE Board for classes 11 and 12th Science stream. Live tuition class is the best tool to secure high grades in all the school examinations. These courses can be taken online and can be accessed on a Laptop/Desktop/tablet or any smartphone with an internet connection.

Takshila Learning provides Live tuition Classes for classes 11 and 12th Commerce stream mapped to the CBSE/ICSE Board’s latest curriculum. The course includes important questions and online tests to help a child prepare for any exam. Live tuition class is the best tool to secure high grades in any of the school examinations.

We provide tuition classes for International (IB/ IGCSE)board school. These are live classes that can be accessed through any smartphone, laptop, or personal computer with an internet connection. These live classes are the best way to get sure success in all the examinations.

• Study Anytime, Anywhere and on Any device.
• Best Quality Recorded Videos using interesting Powerpoint presentations.
• Flowcharts, tables and diagrams are used in videos for better understanding.
• Short tips and tricks videos for enhancing learning Speed.
• Unlimited Views of all lectures to ensure that student grasps all the concepts.
• Doubt solving Session via Whatsapp, E-Mail, or through Phone-call.
• 100% updated lectures.
• Webinars for discussing tips and important topics.
• Technical assistance for using online/ offline classes
• Complete End to End courses for all subjects
• Focused teachers to provide best learning to students.
• Daily update on current affairs via Website and Youtube (Live Streaming).

Customer Testimonials

Thank you very much Takshila Learning. My Daughter is enjoying her studies; she is very much comfortable with the content provided by you for School CBSE Class 6th. The executive explained everything to me before buying the course, she was very much helpful and she made it sure that I get everything on time.
Thank you!


Takshila Learning provides many professional courses with superb services. I have taken the DipIFR Online Course that makes it easy for me to study from anywhere and according to my time. Even the faculty’s teaching style is spectacular; it makes the topic easily understandable without any rush. I don’t have a single issue with Takshila Learning. It is a great experience to learn IND AS/IFRS with Takshila Learning.


I have taken Takshila Learning’s Online Course for CS Executive Entrance Test preparation. I enjoyed this Online course very much. I appreciate the efforts put into the course and the notes as I know that most online professors have many options to actually avoid such work or even jeopardize the learning of the student. But I’m glad that I’ve chosen Takshila Learning. I would like to thank Takshila’s team for this great experience and learning. I am very happy after purchasing this course.


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Takshila Learning –  An E-Learning Portal


Online learning (E-learning) is a challenging but very rewarding way to acquire a set of qualifications. Advancements in technology now allow students to study online entirely when grouping with peers, watching lectures and participating in topic-specific discussions.

Takshila Learning is one of the leading e-learning Portals in India which provides Online Courses on almost all subjects of various Courses. Online Classes / Live Classes and flexible schedules are turning students to online learning as an ideal alternative to Face-to-face Learning.

Takshila Learning is offering comprehensive and interactive collection of Online Courses from across domains such as School Courses from K-12, Professional Certifications, Competitive Exams, Skill Development Courses and Bank Recruitment Exams.

While some students feel that online learning needs more self-motivation, but Takshila Learning recognizes that pastoral support is just as important as tutor feedback and that their students are keen to ensure that there is equal support in Online Learning.

One major advantage of using fully hosted online resources is the flexibility it allows. Online students can choose to access their course information and complete their scheduled assessment piece at any time; this allows them to adapt to the study of their work, family and other commitments. This also means that students who want to continue working while studying do not have to change their careers.

Takshila Learning provides online courses that are more convenient, reliable, certified and economical. And the best thing is that you can study comfortably from anywhere even if you are not certified. All you need is a passion for learning and a quick online search that will guide you on the right course. From that point on, you will have your own education.


Here are 10 keys to online learning:


1) Work from anywhere, anytime: It is one of the most attractive aspects of online education for students, with many obligations to balance. Since everything is available online, it is very convenient to access class content and submit work. It is up to the student when and where it will happen until the assignment is completed by the due dates.


2) Review the lecture instantly: It is easy to get distracted during lectures. Jonathan Shuller, a psychologist at the University of California, found that students lost focus 5 times during a 45-minute class session. However, in many online programs, students can quickly review professors’ words by rewinding audio or video or reading a transcript accompanying the lecture.


3) Reduce fear : Many students do not feel comfortable speaking in public in a classroom environment. In an online environment, it is easy to share ideas with others. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 74% of people with speech anxiety experience online education and promote better classroom participation.


4) More time to think before sharing: Often there is still a discussion element for online schooling in forums or discussion boards. Students on campus need to choose a situation or quickly formulate an idea in class, and speak before examining everything thoroughly. In an online environment, students can spend as much time as they want to understand and respect their ideas. This will lead to more attraction and more serious discussion.


5) Pay attention to thoughts : Because 93 percent of communication is considered non-verbal, online students do not have to worry about body language interference in their message. While body language can sometimes be effective, academic experts tend to be more about ideas, and online education eliminates physical decisions that can eliminate rational discussion.


6) Group Communication: Many degree programs today involve some type of group project or teamwork. Working with others on campus or locally means coordinating specific days and times so that everyone can participate. However, distance learning programs encourage virtual communication and allow students to work with team members in email, chat rooms, and other easy ways.


7) A flexible learning schedule: Campus students may give different lectures in the last hours. Although not all online programs are created equal, many use PowerPoint presentations and other media that students can absorb in pieces. In other words, a student may experience the first part of the lesson one day and the second part of the second day. This can be especially helpful for those who do not enjoy sitting for long periods of time.


8) Cost: Although the cost of an online course may be higher or higher than that of a traditional course, students can save money by avoiding the normal fees of campus-based education, including lab fees, travel, parking, and hostels.


9) Variety: Traditional students are often limited to curriculum and home-based teachers. An online student can take a French course from a French teacher and a travel writing course from an author who is out of the house without leaving home.


10) Availability of instructor: Talking with a professor after class can be challenging in traditional colleges and universities. Yes, instructors have hours, but it is often only one or two hours each week, with a lot of students waiting for attention. Although professors who teach online can schedule hours for student communication, web-based technologies make it easier for many students simultaneously. You can expect professors to address questions, provide comments, and more at night or in the middle of the day.

Traditional education will never go away, nor will it be learned to be distracted. As online enrollment increases each year, online school education is building its identity, with students.

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