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Takshila Learning

A wind of change going through the world of Education. This is impacting the way we learn, way we educate ourselves and the way we skill ourselves today. As a result we human beings are becoming more effective to our employers and to ourselves, thus creating better results in our job or becoming great entrepreneurs.

Learn how to take on the world with renewed knowledge/ attitude/ soft skills by being part of Takshila Learning community, thus  gifting ourselves with immense satisfaction, happiness and love. All of this needs continuous training for life which is what Takshila Learning is bringing to all individuals of our planet, as we invite learners and instructors to join hands through this change called Takshila Learning.

Unparalleled User Experience 

We are bringing an unparalleled user experience with latest digital media & technologies, removing distances between teachers and students, thus providing personalized learning experience. If you want to get educated / skilled on any concept, you will find a professionally created Video course from an experts anywhere globally who is part of Takshila Learning. Enjoy the awesome world of this learning with our Videos, Quizzes, Question Bank, Notes, Books, Mobile applications and clear your examination with flying colors. Each teacher we have today is having his/her own Group/Forum/Mobile Application, to be connected with students anywhere, anytime.

Join us as Educator

Individuals, Instructors, faculties, educational institutes, Corporates who want to share any knowledge / skill / concept / Learning are working with Takshila Learning in creating courseware to their specializations, thus providing themselves a landscape of 7 Billion human beings who are waiting to learn from these sharing. Won’t it be exciting to share your knowledge and earn simultaneously. 


What we are offering today 

We are an organisation which is focused on Commerce and Arts Education today. Specifically we are offering CS Courses, which are getting enhanced to CA, CMA soon. We are also coming up with test prep courses on Competitive examinations to help our students get employed.


What we are offering is a result of great minds coming together in the field of Education, Technology and Management. A unique combination of these experienced individuals is resulting is in this change coming live.

History coming to life again

Takshila was the oldest university of the world and the chief learning center which started in India in year 800 BC. This was known for its informal and individual teaching away from campuses, colleges, universities, lecture rooms and classrooms for students of various clam, caste and religion. Students use to connect with teachers who use to teach from home campus, providing 24 X 7 learning and monitoring the students directly. Chanakya was the leading teacher of this university.

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